How it Works

Online Reviews Made Fast and Easy

Writing online reviews should be fast and easy. Most online review sites require a login and many businesses have similar names and locations making it difficult to know which one you actually visited. Privacy concerns are also on the rise with major review sites doing whatever they want with your information. Reppster requires no login, and we never sell sensitive customer information. Emails and text invitations are sent directly to customers following a visit to a business, enabling actual customers to instantly share their experience with the business they visited in just one click.

Verified Customer Reviews

Anyone can write a review for a business on major review sites, making it difficult to separate fact from fiction. Reppster is an invitation-only review platform for verified customers of a business. Invitations are only sent to actual customers of local businesses, assuring that reviews are real, authentic and verified.

Consolidated Reviews in One Place

Reppster combines our verified customer reviews with reviews from third-party review sites such as Yelp, Google, Realself and hundreds more. This provides the largest collection of customer reviews for each business, giving a far better representation of customer sentiment than what any one review site can provide.